Every interaction with different products, solutions, clients, agencies, technology or just simple ideas should create within us a spark of improvement.
Anyone who claims to know all there is about a subject is not only wrong but arrogantly so. We should never stop wanting to learn more.

Here are case studies about opportunities I’ve had to not only contribute to some extraordinary organisations but also learn, adapt and evolve my own thinking about how best to be successful.

Loyalty and retention

Arriving at Trend Micro, tasked with creating a Marketing & eCommerce department for the B2B & B2C Internet Security divisions

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Press & public relations

I was fortunate to attend a training course called “Dealing with the Press” at one of the top London press training agencies,

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My marketing philosopy

After twenty-two years in marketing with some extraordinary clients I am certain the old maxim is true…

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02-UK: Beyond the Security App

Not so much a case study, this is a white paper I wrote for Telefonica (specifically O2 in the UK), as they struggled with the concept of how to persuade customers, both old and new, that they needed the new O2 smartphone security app.

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The Banking Experience

This is a white paper that I wrote while working as a Principal Consultant at Infosys. The client was a multinational Financial institution who were looking for help with how they engaged with the general public and how to evolve high-street consumers into online advocates. 

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